Saturday, February 02, 2008

Harnessing Bloggers for the Greater Good

Today I read an opinion piece in the NY Times by Mr. R. Klain [Speaking Truth Without Power - Campaign Stops - 2008 Elections - Opinion - New York Times Blog] which deals with the lack of impact by progressive blogs on the Democratic primary. Well, sort of.
I'll skip the bulk of his article and get to his last line where he bemoans the fact that
"the leading Democratic candidates still have a long way to go before they harness these strong voices for their campaigns."
I think Mr. Klain [I hope its not a nom de plume for Joe Klein] misses the point of blogs in general. Bloggers highly value their independence from particular candidates and organizations. They arose primarily because of the frustration that previous candidates and organizations were acting contrary to what they had campaigned for, and had been supported for, which actions were in general anti-progressive. Finding absolutely no outlet in the mainstream media to be heard, thanks largely to the submission of the press to the powers that be, the internet was used to protest and then galvanize opposition to the anti-progressives.
Based on that history and the general mind set of progressive bloggers, there will be great resistance to be 'harnessed' for a candidate or the Democratic party. I think you have seen how that worked out for conservatives vis a vis George W. Bush and the Republican party in general.
But Mr. Klain and the MSM and the other hierarchies cannot comprehend that. I think Captain America sums it up best below from the classic Marvel Comic Daredevil #233 by Frank Miller:

[Click to expand. Unless you have great eyesight.]

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