Monday, December 31, 2007

Mr. William Kristol's Reward

I just learned of Mr. Kristol's promotion to the the Op Ed pages of the 'Greatest Newspaper in the World' TM.

Why not? I believe balance is necessary to a great mainstream media outlet like the Times. Accuracy and sanity? Not so much. I could fill the rest of this page [and a few more] with the peerless prognostications [Ed. note - I looked for a font that was called sarcastic/ironic but settled for italics] of Mr. Kristol but that has been done better by better bloggers than I.

Since the NY Times seems determined to add voices of Mr. Kristol's calibre , I offered the resume of my nephew Ben as a columnist specializing on sports, particularly the NFL. Some of his highlights; he finished last in his NFL Fantasy league, he regularly touts the Detroit Lions as Super Bowl contenders, and has annually predicted the return of Barry Sanders [to various teams] to the NFL since his retirement in 1999.

But no, it is in the name of balance that Mr. Kristol has been added. As if the redoubtable group of Brooks, Cohen, Dowd, Freidman, Michael Gordon, Judith Miller [oops-my mistake], and their various enablers on the Editorial staff are not enough to offset the partisan, left wing ravings of Mr. Krugman and uhhh, Mr. Kristof [wherever he is].

Surely, in the name of balance and incompetence, the flagship of the fourth estate could fit in a few more contrary voices to add to their list of right wing leaning pundits, reporters, and editors?

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